Enrico Michelucci
When I was living in #Paris, back in 2013, I had the chance to meet a wonderful person, Lêanhduy Maniquant
If you go to Paris , and if you go to Louvre, you can find him drawing people’s faces in the spaces of the Museum. No matter which day or hour…you will always find Him.
After my time in Paris, I left France and I regretted that I hadn’t ask him to leave me one of his drawings.
After 5 years I’ve received it by mail, together with all my beautiful memories from those years.
Yes, he is a wonderful person.

My drawing acquired by the visual artist Isabelle Corringer, I am happy to exhibit in her beautiful loft on the occasion of the Porte d’Or June 2018 with others …

Excellent concert of Guyom Touseul, first part Laura Flane at the Manufacture Chanson yesterday, and its release of the compact disc whose author composer has the kindness to insert my drawing in its pouch ….

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The culinary teacher with the hands of fairy Minh-Tâm Trân, from a famous family, line of musicians scholars, whaouhhh,.

Famous artists from my country will perform a show soon in France, I crunch their portraits to offer ….

Tonight, the beautiful restaurateur with golden hands, the first exquisite pho and the other tasty dishes, one of the best in Paris, with her photographer husband
115 boulevard Soult Paris 75012 Aine Diep Restaurant
Metro Porte de Vincennes (1), or tram T3A Alexandra David neel 75012 small belt

I am super satisfied, signatures of national and international artists streets 2016, 2017 to Underground Effects; URBAN WEEK at the Defense

My drawings at the Morada, Merida Mexico, thank you Manuel Tamayo (facebook)

The land of my ancestors
“Woman with a Pearl”
Miss Ngân Hà of several titles and talents, I had the privilege to take her to visit the Louvre, of a simplicity and kindness

According to the request of a long-time friend, I am a guide of Mrs dauphine Vietnamese Globe in the Louvre, of a simplicity and kindness

First I was going to frame them, but I couldn’t. I knew the cold behind a glass was not the place for art work like yours, isolated, static…dead. It would have been a mistake since for me they are alive, that is how they came to me, changing, talking, creating and telling the story that once was. They would have been incomplete. That is why they belong there, next to the first metro ticket in Paris, my first maps, hopes and wishes for the future. They are now there where I can see them every day and remind me how life is never the same, a window to another place and time where drinking tea and talking about art was to live.

Still not finished yet and I am not sure if it will ever be. Thank you my friends and hope to see you soon. Lêanhduy Maniquant JunHan Lin

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My oils



My paintings at my big sister
The stained-glass windows
are from Huu Lam



At my thirty-year-old buddy G.T
My beautiful cousin of America



Watercolor on paper



Right now, with my couchsurfer Kichul Kim
Phyto Sophie, drawing at the Diverzarts Asso exhibition, 59 Rivoli


Landscape, and portrait of Jean Baptiste Carpeaux …

Frederic Chopin, after Delacroix … Louvre
Always at my pal of thirty years …

Eugène Delacroix, autoportrait d’après son tableau au Louvre, dessiné dans les rames de métro….

In my thirty year old buddy
Eugène Delacroix, drawn in subway 7 at midnight, after the self-portrait at the Louvre

31 December 2016

At the Goutte Verte..GOUTTE D’OR
Drawing on kraft paper

30 Décembre 2016

8 September 2016

By a friend Guy Truong

Jean Baptiste Carpeaux, after photo of the exhibition poster at Musée d’Orsay


Hiking couchsurfers in Luzarches, after following the walkers already more than six or seven hours non stop, drawing book in hand, through villages, woods, hills of beautiful country of host, I am to end haha
Venezia, piace molto the bella, the bellissima …